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Grow & Show Book Yellow

A Family Diary in Inches

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15,5 x 20,6 cm


The GROW & SHOW BOOK is your tape measure, diary, photo album an coloring book – all in one! Your treasure trove of memories in a handy size. Simply place one of the book covers on the floor, unfold the tape, measure and mark your child's height. Next to that add notes, photos or small drawings to create a unique family memento. Then just place your GROW & SHOW BOOK conveniently on your bookshelf. Unlika a doorframe, your GROW & SHOW BOOK will accompany you every step of the qay. Have family and friends far away? Send them a GROW & SHOW BOOK to share precious moments and experiences. 

Handmade, clothbound, lockable with an elastic braid. Tape Measure from 0 to 200 centimeters AND 0 to 6 feet 5. 

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