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100 Literary Postcards

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Penguin Random House; Potter Style


100 stunning postcards of 50 famous literary quotes, perfect for any book lover
Nothing speaks to us like great literatureIt presents us with truth, challenges, humor, and delight. This collection of 100 postcards showcases bold graphic interpretations of 50 of the greatest literary quotes of all time. From Virginia Wolf to Oscar Wilde, from Brontë to Poe to Austen, each piece will spark your imagination and kindle your creative spirit. Cards range from an F. Scott Fitzgerald quote set against a Jazz Age champagne glass, to Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights visualized as puzzle pieces, to Immanuel Kant's musings juxtaposed with a constellation-filled night sky.

This is the perfect stationery for any bibliophile, and a set sure to be repurposed by many design and decor buffs for wall art.