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A perfect weekend in Berlin

Get everything just right.

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A perfect weekend...
120 pages
1st edition - english version
Verlag / Label
Süddeutsche Zeitung Edition

The most enthralling city in the West, Europe’s New York, a young person’s paradise – to mention just a few of the town’s many accolades. The sky is the limit when it comes to superlatives about Berlin. The city’s magical allure permanently entices visitors from around the world whether it’s for a weekend break, a few months or an entire lifetime. Many regard Germany’s capital as a place of limitless opportunities. Opening a nightclub or restaurant, starting a new business or realizing an art project all seem like easy ventures here. The metropolis with its 3.5-million population offers enough space to live and dream. Every week new restaurants open in Neukölln’s secluded courtyards or bars appear on the roofs of car parks; in Charlottenburg innovative stores and galleries open their doors, while in Kreuzberg, after the street food market, the latest craze is the breakfast club. Berlin Mitte is also the heartland for Michelin-starred chefs and trendy clubs. Berlin’s cool venues are as much a talking point as its architectural gems and historic attractions that have delighted visitors for centuries and in recent decades: the Museum Island, Tiergarten, the Neue Nationalgalerie, the Jewish Museum or the Berlin Wall Memorial. Berlin is a hive of activity where it’s best to follow your passions. Wander in and out of the galleries and museums, explore the local bars, enjoy a leisurely brunch or relax and unwind in Tiergarten park surrounded by large Turkish families enjoying barbecue feasts.